“Our Education system was in complete shambles”, Barr. Leader tells Bindow Aides

What do you expect. The constant vituperation coming from the loosing camp lately is very unfortunate but understandable. These were the same individuals in collaboration with their benefactor that robbed us of our commonwealth in broad day. However, our citizens know better that:

Despite massive Federal allocations, bail out funds, Paris Club refunds etc, they were notorious with failing to meet their obligations to Adamawa workers. In fact, even in their closing days, they failed to pay two months in salaries including that of the holy month of Ramadan thereby inflicting untold hardship on the good citizens of the state. His Excellency Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri cleared and paid both months within days of his assumption of Office. He in return got the praise of the people and received their blessings. This is the reason our guys are bitter, sad, disappointed and have not forgiven Fintiri since then.

Fintiri met a State Capital under siege by miscreants called “Yan Shila” deliberately created by their government purely for political capital (or so they thought). This group of nonentities held innocent citizens to ransom by attacking, harassing, assaulting, robbing and in many cases killing their innocent victims. The people’s Governor took that as a challenge and vowed to end the menace by deploying and putting all machinery in motion to actualize this task and surely, the people can now breath the #FreshAir of relieve. The enemies on the other side are bitter, sad and disappointed. They wish it was the other way, the same old evil way. They have not forgiven Fintiri for dismantling their lucrative criminal racket.

Our Education system was in complete shambles and in a state of coma under them so much that I am sure another four years of their rule would have send our educational sector 60 years backward. Fintiri knowing education is the corner stone and bedrock of any society that hopes to thrive, immediately commenced visits to our boarding secondary schools and instantly restored the school feeding program for all boarding schools. Revoked every encroachment of the school lands and other properties taken over by them and their cronies. Set up strong Panels for the State owned University and Polytechnic to save the dwindling fortunes of these citadels now turned glorified secondary Schools. They are bitter, sad and disappointed because of the injustice, the lack of due process and unethical activities they had perpetrated.
They turned our hospitals into death centres where people simply come to die. There was no Drugs, no running water, dilapidated structures, no beds for the sick, completely broken toilet systems and a demoralised staff. Fintiri without delay visited this premier hospital, The Yola Specialist Hospital for an on the spot assessment and the place is now being turn-around. They wish it was otherwise, they wish we continue to die. They are bitter, sad and disappointed. Alas! The Almighty is on our side, he brought Fintiri to the rescue. “they go dey angry until they tire”

It is common knowledge that despite the fact that Jimeta/Yola is a city situate strategically by the bank of the River Benue, their administration failed to provide drinking water to citizens by completely crippling what was left of the two water treatment plants. Fintiri has since visited and directed work which has already commenced to Savage us from the shackles of private borehole water providers. They are bitter, sad and disappointed we are getting better.

They are not known for paying Pensioners their statutory entitlements. Never paid students of tertiary institutions bursary allowance in their four years of stewardship even after extorting these same students of monies for dubious forms. These are issues being considered and pursued vigorously by the current Governor.

The Universal Basic Education in Adamawa which use to be the envy of other States of the Federation became a shadow of itself under them. Suddenly in just weeks of his government, counterpart funding for the release of the next batch of grants has since been paid by Fintiri administration and the benefits will soon be seen and felt. That saddens them deeply.
Their only talking point and projects will always be street lights and roads rehabilitation as if that is where governance starts and ends even when it is on record that township road Construction, rehabilitation, street lights installations and city beautification started during the less than 3 months acting Governorship period of Fintiri.

Please find other profitable ventures such as supporting the the current government of Rt. Hon. Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri and its revitalization and transformation drive of Adamawa State to an enviable place.Therefore, my proposal for an appropriate course of action for these social-media excited aides of the former governor (Some of whom are my good friends) is to immediately cease from their sanctimonious posturing, accept the reality they are faced with, shut-up and hide their faces in shame. It did not help them then, it wont help them now. It is over and the earlier they realize that, the better.

All these and many more are the works of a serious minded #FRESHAIR government within less than 50 days from inauguration. Many more are coming
But if they feel otherwise by continuing on the path of bitterness, sadness and disappointment, then who am I to say no, afterall, its all their data, bought and paid for with their “hard earned” money. But what a waste that will be.
As for us, we continue to celebrate and praise the giant strides of the Fintiri lead Government.
Leader Leneke is a Legal Practitioner, member of the Peoples Democratic Party, a private citizen, a public and current affairs commentator. He writes from Yola.

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