Interview: Gospel singer Paul David [Xeles]

Interview: Gospel singer Paul David [Xeles]

 Mubixclusive agent meets with young gospel hotshot Paul David  for a One to One interview touching on his latest music offering that is set to rearrange the status quo of the already overcrowded gospel market.

1. Can you Tell me something about you?

Paul Tibe David
Also known as xeles born in Jalingo but grew up In adamawa.

2. Can you tell me when and how you come about music?

Wow is something I was born with back then wen I was very young I do sing at home, the will shout at me "you  are making noise" !  but I still keep singing till sometimes sleep took me off.
I came on singing official 2015 with the cycle music label when I was in SIE (swagsindustryentertainment).
Then I understand my calling is to serve Jesus then I left the music label to go back to Jesus Christ and sing for Jesus. Official(2016)

3. Are you signed to any record label?

Yes sure mimshack record  which means God is great, Yes I singed into preaching the gospel and using my skill to glorify the lord

4. Who produces your music?

Wow!! I worked with different producers
Among them are : Mr trust, Tino Sax, Sharplex, Nock D, Hikims Henry and expect to work wit more.....

5. How would you describe your music?

It's not easy and sometimes you do have the feeling to stop music, but one thing keep me moving zeal and passion for  music. I am happy and love what I am doing and I am seeing great and bigger tinz coming

6. The Gospel is a bit overcrowded how do you intend to set yourself apart?

Wow.......actually it's not overcrowded because we have different way of expressing our self.
I want to give out the best out of me and be unique in my style of passing the message to the world.

7. How much songwriting do you do?

Yes I love writing songs, sometimes during my quite time song come on.
Sometimes the situation happening around will give me the idea and the need to give out a message.

8. Why gospel and not R’N’B or soul music?

Hmmmmmm interesting "gospelmusic" which means Christ music is  the reason I was born to do.  Because even the Bible said I know the planners I have for u since u are in ur mothers womb. So these is my calling and what God is instructing me to do.

9.Who inspires you musically?

Who a worshipper I love seeing most on the altar
David G

10. What’s the biggest crowd you have performed in front of and where?

life spring church and it was not that bigger ...

11. In your opinion, what’s your best song ever recorded?

Wow  the are many
Among are : Godiya, GiciyeMy heart will sing

12. What are u working on since u drop your last song?

Coming up with a new song featuring number one producer Tino Sax and a worshipper from yobe Dalta Mr D on a song  title

#Mr._paul_David Mubixclusive thank you for accepting our invitation.

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Unknown said…
The lord is your strength dear keep the fire burning
Unknown said…
The lord is your strength Bro keep the fire burning