Gubernatorial aspirant Dumps SDP In Adamawa

Guber Aspirant Dumps SDP In Adamawa
* Picks new party to run.
 A major gubernotorial Aspirant under the platform of the Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN) in Adamawa State, Mr Abel Behora has faulted widespread speculations and rumours making rounds that he is still a member of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and a full supporter of the candidacy of a controversial Aspirant of the same Party.
Mr Behora who was addressing a crowd of party Stalwarts and Supporters at the
commissiong ceremony of the new Secretariat of his new found party, the Alliance For New Nigeria in Michika, the headquarters of Michika Local Government and the home town of the Aspirant said that apart from the fact that the rumours are baseless and unfounded, it was a calculated attempt by mischieve makers to mislead the public and to associate him with evil and a widely acknowledged questionable personality.
According to him, he has found peace and consolation in his new party after
abandoning the SDP because of its infiltration by some elements who have no
respect for the ideology upon which the party was initially founded, arguing that
associating him with the Aspirant is the highest point of irresponsibility since there is nothing common between light and darkness.
He intimated the cream of party supporters that the same Aspirant was supported
and heavily funded by percieved enemies of the ideology of the party to penetrate and destroy it to pave way for the actualisation of an Agenda adding that the Aspirant and his Allies should now be happy that the party which the founders nurtured to reflect the principles of social justice and accommodation has finally been destroyed.
The guber Aspirant of the ANN told the crowd that he first joined the SDP because of its practical impressive ideology which late Dr Bala Takaya of blessed memory seek to promote and preserve before his exit from this evil world adding that the recent attrocities perpetrated in the party has compelled him to quit the Party and to embrace a new party with the middle Belt ideology.
Mr Behora told his listening audience that he was hunted by the same enemies of our people who do not cherish their freedom but prefer that they remain under perpetual bondage and slavery, emphasising that during an attempt on his life
recently, a total of sixteen bullets were shot at his car to eliminate him.
He therefore called on indigenes of the state who cherish their freedom to identify with the party and to support his genuine cause to change the political landscape of the state through the ANN party platform which the middlebelt has endorsed.
Performing the commissioning ceremony, the chairman of the party, Mr Ibrahim
Bebetu said that they were in Michika purposely to commission the new secretariat and not for politiking, adding that they initially brought and sustained SDP in the state because they initially believed in the ideology of the party. He said that the party lost its fragrance and credibility when it fell prey to the invasion by some people who sponsored some elements to tear the party apart.
"We fought them back to preserve the name of the party to the level of exploring the legal option but we have to give up eventually because we considered it unnecessary to prolong the legal battle which unknown to us was a catalyst to keep us out of the electoral process for the realisation of their dream. They have succeeded in burrying SDP... we helped them to do just that. The state of the rottenness of the party is like a large attractive potatoe with a black tiny spot of pest infection from outside that conceals its rottenness until it is gradually explored to reveal its bad state from the inside. That clearly defines the state of SDP", he narrated.
Before declaring the Michika office open, the state chairman of the party reminded the members of their commitment in the past to preserve the unity and ideology of the party and asked them to do the same to give the new party the strength to achieve their age long goal and aspirations.
Also speaking at the occasion, the Director General of the Behora campaign
Organisation and the Galadiman Verre, Alhaji Halilu Domdaz appealed to the Higgi community to take advantage of this rare opportunity by supporting Mr Behora their own and to ignore the socalled campaign to allow the central zone to produce the next Governor this time, arquing that it does not matter where the candidate comes from as long as he is credible. He said that even though he comes from the central zone , he does not believe in the arrangement which he descibed as undemocratic and a deliberate attempt to resist the will of Almighty God who gives power to whom he chooses.
He warned against any manipulation by some elements who might use religion to scuttle the electoral success and prospects of the party, emphasising that the party and the Behora campaign organisation accommodates all shades of opinion and
religious devides in this sruggle to make the party's electoral victory a reality.
He said that the choice of Abel for the guber office is a genuine reflection of the
collective desire and commitment of the Adamawa larger community to change the political landscape of the state by electing into office a tested and credible candidate for the leadership of the state.
Earlier in his welcome address, the party chairman of the Local Government, Hon Goji Chibo urged the members of the party to move into the new party with their known zeal, commitment and love for justice to make it a more acceptable and reliable party once again.
A former chairmanship candidate, Hon Vandi Maikyau, Mrs Sylvia Mayo, the state women leader of the party and her counterpart at the local government and the Youth Leader, Emmanuel Ismaila also delivered solidarity messages at the occasion.
The event was attended by the party executives and supporters from all the sixteen wards of the local government.

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